For several years, Scott Stewart has been making tables as a hobby and giving them away for free. His tables are beautifully handcrafted and are a spectacular addition to any room, quickly catching the eye of anyone who sees them. He has often wondered how else his hobby of making tables could benefit others and hoped that they could even be used as a fundraiser for Imani Milele Children. Scott and his wife Pam have had the opportunity to visit these children in Uganda, Africa, and witness, firsthand, all the incredible work being done there and the significant needs the Ugandans still have. 


In the past, people have asked if they could purchase a table from Scott, but he has always persisted that they are not for sale. When asked why he doesn't offer them for purchase, he responds, "It's just a hobby of mine that I really have fun doing. If I sell them, it's no longer a hobby - it takes all the fun out of it!" However, Scott wants to use his hobby to raise funds for the Imani Milele Children. While his tables are still not available for purchase, you can donate directly to the Imani Milele Children in exchange for a table. 


The Stewarts reached out to Imani Milele Children and asked what they could do to provide aid to these children and their families and what specific projects needed to be funded. They sent over a list of items they need assistance with, particularly the first floor of the new school they are building. 


Below is a list of needs totaling $151,885 provided by Imani Milele Children for the first floor of the new Lukasa School. By choosing to donate your contribution will go towards "painting the 1st floor" until that goal is met.


Current Donation Focus:


Paint the 1st floor:

  • $14,000 lump sum, or
  • (14) $1,000 donations units


Upcoming Donation Options:


Doors for the 1st floor:

  • $12,250 lump sum, or
  • (5) $2,450 donations units

Windows for the 1st floor:

  • $25,515 lump sum, or 
  • (7) $3,645 donations units

Plastering for the 1st floor:

  • $25,120 lump sum, or 
  • (5) $5,024 donations units

Reception Area:

  • $7,500

Staff Room:

  • $10,000

Madam Hopkin’s Office:

  • $12,500

Set of Student Bathrooms:

  • $15,000


  • $30,000


All tables are located in Lake City, Florida, and are available for viewing upon request. If a table is chosen and donated for, it can be picked up in Lake City. Tables can also be shipped upon request. All shipping costs are the responsibility of the table recipient. 


To view a gallery of available tables, please check out this Facebook page and follow along on the journey!


If you do not need a table but would like to help this amazing cause, please feel free to donate directly to the Imani Milele Children organization. 


Thank you for being part of building the Lukasa School for the Imani Milele Children in Uganda, Africa!