@IMPORT Imani Milele Children

Fundraising Gala

10/06/2017 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Please join us for a fun night of dinner and music at this Fundraising Gala to benefit the Imani Milele's Lusaka School in Kampala, Uganda.
Let us host you at Langdon Farms Golf Club, 24377 NE airport Rd., Aurora, OR for dinner and an auction. Dine with the Imani Milele Children and enjoy a Live performance by the choir.

$50 per ticket.  Table sponsorships $500 per table

 The Purpose

The purpose of this fundraiser is to help raise a total of two million dollars needed to constructImani Milele's Lusaka School in Kampala, Uganda. This school will accommodate 1500 students from kindergarten through grade seven, providing for a conducive learning atmosphere.

About Imani Milele's Lusaka School

Lusaka School is home to the Imani Milele Children's head office in Uganda. It is located in a suburb of Uganda’s capital Kampala, three miles from the city center. It was opened in 1989 with three orphans, and since then, the population has grown to 672 students. The school started with a purpose of providing education to the orphans and vulnerable children.



  • The school sits on a tiny piece of property of about 14,520 square feet, yet with an ever increasing population of students which has grown to currently 672 students.
  • The classrooms made out temporary wooden structures are not conducive to a great learning environment. Each classroom has a size of about 25'X20', accommodating 90-95 students.
  • Due to the size of the property, the school also lacks a playing field for the students. The administration has always rented a playground from the community for the students to use which is about 15 minutes of a walking distance from the school.
  • There is no adequate storage space, limited office space, and there is a great need for a kitchen and a cafeteria room, and a parking lot.

We greatly needed a new school to be built in a new and a much more spacious location. We were able to acquire a sizeable piece of property that could accommodate all that was needed and much more. A plan for the new school was developed, and all we needed was the funding to get the work started.
The challenge was there were no sufficient funds to get the construction started.



Towards the end of 2014, the center was on the edge of being closed by the Department of Education as a result of failing to meet the required infrastructural standards. The school, however, was spared from closure due to the excellent grades the students were making, as well as the fact that the school was providing education to the orphans and vulnerable children, hence providing a service to the country.


This year, a fundraiser has been organized to raise funds to start on the 2 million dollar construction project.




A place has been secured, designs as well as bill of quantity for construction of a three flow facility already exist. This facility will accommodate 1500 students in kindergarten and elementary; grade one through seven. It will also house 86 Staff members with over 10 offices.

The project will be constructed in various stages including; breaking the ground costing about $50,000, sub-structure costing $96,850, ground floor costing $192,400, first floor costing $268,925, second floor costing $364,800 and external works costing about $55,800 and much more. If all resources are available, the project time frame will be one and half years. The total cost of the project is $2,000,000.