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Your support allows you to create a meaningful relationship with them. As a sponsor, you communicate love and encouragement through letters, photos, packages, and even visits! When you sponsor, every dollar goes directly to meeting your sponsored child's needs. 

Sponsorship Shares Explained

Due to the increased cost of living in Uganda, it now costs more than $35 a month to meet all the needs of one child; that's why we introduced sponsorship shares. SPONSORSHIP SHARES enable multiple sponsors to share the total cost of taking care of one child. 

Realizing that not every sponsor will have the ability to meet the required total monthly cost of taking care of one child, it’s the reason why we introduced Sponsorship Shares. As a sponsor, you have the option of taking up all the SHARES of one child if you so choose. Depending on the academic level of the child, the number of SHARES will differ since the costs vary.


Stella Birungi

Stella is the third born in the family of four children. She has two brothers and a sisters. Stella is a jolly girl who stays with both her parents and siblings. Her father has a second ...

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Stella Mpakibi

I live with my brothers and both parents in a small village of Kikuba Mutwe in Eastern Uganda. My parents are peasant farmers who earn a living by selling a ...

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Stuart Ssendyoowa Mubiru

I live with my parents.  Unfortunately, they had an accident in November 2017. Mum had one of her legs fractured but she later recovered. My father brok...

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Success Wasswa

I am a twin. My twin brother Prosper and I live with our parents and siblings in Malindi, Buikwe district, Eastern Uganda. My parents grow crops on a rented ...

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Sulaiah Naluyima

I stay with both my siblings and parents in a 2 bedroom house. My parents are peasant farmers. They grow crops on a small piece of land mainly for home consu...

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Sulait Kaye

Sulait is the second born of four children in his family who are all boys.  His parents are separated and the father does not provide any support to the...

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Sulait Ssenyonyi

I live with my parents who are both unemployed but grow crops like sweet potatoes, corn and beans on a rented piece of land. They are forced to sell part of ...

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Sylvia Niyonsaba

Sylvia lives with her mother, father and baby brother. Her parents are peasant farmers who mainly grow corn and beans seasonally. During the hot season, thei...

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Teddy Amu

Teddy, the first born in her family has three sisters and one brother. Her parents separated in 2017 because of poverty and her father’s addiction to a...

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Timothy Bizimaana

My siblings and I live with our parents in the village of Kamusenene, Western Uganda. My mother is a house wife and my father does odd jobs within the villag...

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Timothy Kagera

Timothy is born in a family of five children; three girls and two boys him being the second born. He stays with both his parents who find difficulty in provi...

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Timothy Mukasa

Although getting a meal in a day is not a guarantee in Timothys family, this hasnt quenched the boys passion to become the first pilot in his family of eight children; four girls and four boys h...

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