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Your support allows you to create a meaningful relationship with them. As a sponsor, you communicate love and encouragement through letters, photos, packages, and even visits! When you sponsor, every dollar goes directly to meeting your sponsored child's needs. 

Sponsorship Shares Explained

Due to the increased cost of living in Uganda, it now costs more than $35 a month to meet all the needs of one child; that's why we introduced sponsorship shares. SPONSORSHIP SHARES enable multiple sponsors to share the total cost of taking care of one child. 

Realizing that not every sponsor will have the ability to meet the required total monthly cost of taking care of one child, it’s the reason why we introduced Sponsorship Shares. As a sponsor, you have the option of taking up all the SHARES of one child if you so choose. Depending on the academic level of the child, the number of SHARES will differ since the costs vary.


Fred Makanga

Fred is the first born of the three children in his family having one sister and one brother. He lost his mother in 2007 and this affected him so much but the father who is a carpenter recently ...

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Gift Mutebi

I have 1 step-brother and 2 step-sisters. I live with my paternal grandma in a small village of Lusaka in the Central part of Uganda. My parents separated. M...

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Gladyse Ocwee

Gladys is born in a family of seven children; five girls and two boys her being the third born. She has never experienced any parental love in her life. Her ...

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Gladys Namayanja

Gladys is the Third born in her family of 7 children, 4 girls and 3 boys. she lives with her father and a step mother who are peasants. Gladyses mother abandoned her to the father at the age of ...

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Gloria Mendera

Gloria is born in a family of five children; three boys and two girls her being the fourth born. The loss of her father when she was still at a tender age st...

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Godword Magero

Godword is the third born in a family of two boys and one girl. His parents separated way back and the father left the three children, Godword, Pius and Shal...

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Hakim Otim Afaayo

My parents separated before I was even born. My father died of HIV/AIDS in 2018. My mother is also sick but I am healthy. She lives in a different town but currently unemployed. I stay with my p...

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Henry Mugambwa

Henry is the third born in a family of five children. He has two brothers and two sisters. Being unemployed, his parents grow a few crops like corn and beans...

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Henry Tusiimire

Because Henry comes from a poor family, he has faced a lot of challenges especially when at school. He is always chased back home for tuition because his parents cant afford to pay it on time. H...

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Idi Kanakulya

Idi is the sixth born having five brothers and three sisters. His family lives in a remote district of Kassanda, in Central Uganda. Despite being a very low income earner, Idis father has three ...

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Imelda Nakafuuma

Imelda is the first born of the four children in her family having two sisters and one brother. Little as she is, she loves school so much but the lack of tuition keeps getting in her way of att...

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Immaculate Ninsiima

Immaculate comes from a family of three boys and three girls. The family lives in a rented small house. Her parents are peasant farmers growing beans and cor...

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