Impact of Sponsorship:

Your sponsorship can change the life of a child and give them hope for a brighter future. Deliberately deciding to love a child, despite being worlds apart, mirrors the affection and care Christ has for us all. As a sponsor, you're able to communicate love and encouragement through letters, photos, packages, and even visits! Every dollar you contribute goes towards meeting your sponsored child's needs.

Sponsorship Shares:

Due to Uganda's increased cost of living, it takes more than $35 monthly to meet each child's basic needs. We fully realize that most sponsors cannot singularly support a child month to month. Therefore, Sponsorship Shares enable multiple sponsors to divide the cost of supporting a single child.

Although, we're immensely grateful for individual Sponsors that acquire all shares. Whether you decide to partially or fully support a child, please note that you're helping support all Imani children receive the precious opportunity of an education. Unfortunately, every child currently enrolled has not been blessed with full or partial sponsorship. And Imani Milele has a big responsibility to continue their support until sponsors are assigned.

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