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Your support allows you to create a meaningful relationship with them. As a sponsor, you communicate love and encouragement through letters, photos, packages, and even visits! When you sponsor, every dollar goes directly to meeting your sponsored child's needs. 

Sponsorship Shares Explained

Due to the increased cost of living in Uganda, it now costs more than $35 a month to meet all the needs of one child; that's why we introduced sponsorship shares. SPONSORSHIP SHARES enable multiple sponsors to share the total cost of taking care of one child. 

Realizing that not every sponsor will have the ability to meet the required total monthly cost of taking care of one child, it’s the reason why we introduced Sponsorship Shares. As a sponsor, you have the option of taking up all the SHARES of one child if you so choose. Depending on the academic level of the child, the number of SHARES will differ since the costs vary.


Elijah Nsengiyunva

Elijah is the second born of four girls and two boys in his family. His parents grow food crops on a piece of land which they rent. They sell a portion of th...

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Elisha Mulungi

I live with my siblings and mother in a small village of Lusaka in the Central part of Uganda. My parents separated so my siblings and I were left under the ...

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Elivanson Namatovu

Namatovu_Elivanson2-_Kitongo.jpg (medium)

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Elizabeth Nakanwagi

My parents separated and father remarried. My brother and I live with our mother in a rented one room house in Lusaka, a Kampala suburb. Mother, being unempl...

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Eric Opio

Eric was born with two boys and one girl in his family. He lives with both his parents but that doesn't guarantee him reception of all basic needs. He often lacks scholastic materials and tuitio...

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Esther Namuleme

I started living with my grandma after the death of my father. We live with other children in a rented two room house. My mother remarried and she rarely vis...

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Esther Namulondo

Esther lives with her grandparents. She is the only child to her parents, but the father abandoned the family.  Whereas, the mother is HIV positive. &nb...

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Esther Nantale

Esther is the sixth born of the eight children in her family having four brothers and three sisters. Despite the fact that she stays with both her parents, she often lacks most of the basic nece...

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Eva Nakyeyune

Eva has made it through most of the vulnerable times in her life. Living with only her unemployed mother as a sole provider has not favored her due to limite...

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Ezra Namanya

I live with my maternal aunt and her 2 daughters in a small village of Lusaka in the Central part of Uganda. My mother got pregnant with me while still worki...

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Fahad Tamale

I live with my mother, siblings and 2 cousins in a small village of Malindi in Eastern Uganda. Father has another wife and children so he rarely comes home. ...

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Faith Ajiambo

Losing her father at a very tender age doesn’t prevent Faith from wearing a smile all the time.  He was involved in a car accident which killed hi...

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