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Your support allows you to create a meaningful relationship with them. As a sponsor, you communicate love and encouragement through letters, photos, packages, and even visits! When you sponsor, every dollar goes directly to meeting your sponsored child's needs. 

Sponsorship Shares Explained

Due to the increased cost of living in Uganda, it now costs more than $35 a month to meet all the needs of one child; that's why we introduced sponsorship shares. SPONSORSHIP SHARES enable multiple sponsors to share the total cost of taking care of one child. 

Realizing that not every sponsor will have the ability to meet the required total monthly cost of taking care of one child, it’s the reason why we introduced Sponsorship Shares. As a sponsor, you have the option of taking up all the SHARES of one child if you so choose. Depending on the academic level of the child, the number of SHARES will differ since the costs vary.


Angel Mutoni

Angel is the second born in a family of two boys and two girls. Her parents are separated. The father married another woman leaving all the responsibility of...

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Angel Naluyinda

Angel is the second born of the three children in her family. She stays with both her parents but life has always been treacherous to her. The mother is a ho...

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Angel Nankoomi

Angel comes from a family of two girls and boys. Their small three room house is built out of mud and bamboo with a dirt floor. Her parents grow crops like b...

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Anita Nabakka

Anita, gifted in Music, is the first born in her family of two girls. Her parents separated and her mother struggled to raise tuition for her two daughters w...


Anita Natukunda


My brothers and I live with our mother...

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Aniwal Ssenfuma

Aniwal is the second born in the family of one girl and one boy. His parents separated when he was a baby leaving Aniwal and his sister with their mother. Sh...

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Anna Christine Nandawula

Anna is the last born in a family of 4 children; 1 boy and 3 girls.  At a tender age of two years, Anna’s father died of lung cancer. The single m...


Anna Namwanga

Anna is born in a family of three children she is the third born. Her mother is jobless and the little the father earns is not enough to cater for the whole ...

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Anna Opaki

Missing school often due to lack of tuition does not put Anna down. She continues to work hard when she gets the chance of attending classes to fulfill her d...

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Annet Musiime

Annet is the first born child in the family of three children. She has two brothers and she is the only girl. Her mother is unemployed and her father’s...

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Annet Nabunya

Annet is the fifth born in a family of four boys and one girl. Her parents separated when she was at a tender age. Annet’s father is a polygamist who h...

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Annet Namabidde

Annet is born in a family of 5 boys and 2 girls. The poor standards of living at home, lack of tuition and school supplies used to affect her school attendance and performance in class. Thi...

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